Kona Coffee For Sale : How To Buy 100% Pure Hawaiian Coffee Online Now

Where To Buy Kona Coffee Online?

Kona Coffee Lover

Kona coffee is the best-selling coffee in the world with the highest demand.

It is famous for having the smoothest and most delicious taste among all premium coffees.

You can purchase 100% pure kona coffee beans and grounds for sale from farms in Hawaii or order it online from our online Hawaiian kona store below.

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Why is Hawaiian Kona Coffee so special?

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Real kona arabica coffee comes from Kona districts of Big Island in Hawaii.

Kona coffee is known by coffee lovers as the best tasting coffee in the world.

It is a special kind of coffee which only grows on the mountain slopes of the Hawaiian Kona Belt.

Pure kona coffee comes from farms located in Mauna Loa and Hualalai regions on Big Island.

A True Gourmet Delight

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Kona is known as a gourmet beverage because of its refined and smooth flavor profile and aroma.

Java made from roasted kona coffee beans has very little acidity, and is considered a real gourmet delicacy, because of its smooth taste and full-bodied aroma.

The superior flavor of this particular Hawaiian coffee is due to the unique soil and climate found on the volcanic slopes in Hawaii.

Also, all coffee cherries have to be hand-picked because using mechanical devices for harvesting is impossible on the steep Hawaiian mountain slopes on which these plants grow.

    Five Grades of Kona Coffee

    Kona Coffee Grades
    Hawaiian java is categorized into 5 qualities based on the features of the beans.

    Based on the size and shape of the bean, moisture content and number of defects, Kona beans are classified into five grades or types.

    1. Extra Fancy
    2. Fancy
    3. Number 1
    4. Select
    5. Prime

    Kona extra fancy coffee is the top-rated grade which has the largest beans containing almost no defects. Higher the grade of Kona, higher is its price.

    Kona coffee price per pound starts from around $30 and can me much higher depending on the grade and quality of beans.

    History and Life of Hawaiian Coffee

    Kona History
    Hawaii has a 200 year culture of growing the best and most expensive coffee in the world.

    Scientific name of Kona coffee is Coffeea Arabica. First Kona plant was brought from Brazil to Hawaii by Reverend Samuel Ruggles in 1828.

    Kona coffee was first established as a brand name by an English merchant name Henry Greenwell in the 19th century who was first to establish several large coffee plantations in the area.

    The coffee plant blossoms in March and these flowers yield berries until May.

    These berries become ripe in August and are harvested from then on till January.

    Today there are over 900 Kona farms in Hawaii producing over two million pounds of coffee every year.

    Every year there is Kona cultural festival to celebrate the rich history of this coffee on the Hawaiian Islands.

    Many of the farms also organize daily tours to give visitors and tourists a glimpse of all steps involved in making a cup of Kona, from picking the berry, milling, roasting, and finally brewing.

    Peaberry Kona is ‘Champagne of Coffees’

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    Only five percent of all kona beans are peaberry, and they produce the yummiest coffee known to man.

    Organic Kona cherries may contain one of two types of beans.

    95% of cherries contain two beans where each bean is oval on one side and flat on the other side.

    5% of cherries contain one, big, round bean which is almost as large as the two smaller beans fused together.

    Such large, whole beans are known as peaberry and because it is so rare, it is the most expensive variety.

    Due to their larger size, round shape and higher density, peaberry Kona coffee beans hold more flavors and create better roasts as compared to flat beans.

    Coffee lovers agree that peaberry Kona Coffee is the smoothest and most flavorful coffee and hence it is known as the champagne of coffees.

    Different Kona Roasts For Different Folks

    Kona coffee roasters usually produce light, medium and dark roasts.

    It is packaged both as whole beans and as coffee grounds to suit individual preferences.

    Roasting is done in custom-designed roasters for creating an optimal balance of smooth bouquet and rich taste.

    Light Roast

    Light Roasted Beans
    Light roasted kona beans retain much of their original fruity flavor.

    Green unroasted Kona beans are heated in rotating drums until they start to expand because of heat and begin to crackle.

    Then roasting is immediately stopped and it results in a light roast.

    Light roasts retain most of the original flavor from the coffee beans and they give you a unique taste of the region in which the plant was grown.

    This roast is best for people who are experiencing Kona for the first time or like to experience the original natural taste of the berries.

    Medium or Vienna Roast

    Medium Roasted Beans
    Medium roasted kona beans have a more spicy taste.

    In Medium roast, the beans are roasted till the first pop and then the roasting continues until they crackle a second time.

    Medium roasts are also known as Full, Vienna or Italian Espresso Roasts.

    These beans have a shine to them because of oils within the bean that have risen to its surface.

    This roast has a stronger roasted flavor and could be a little bit spicier compared to light roasts.

    Dark or French Roast

    Dark Roasted Kona Beans
    Dark roasted beans have a more bitter flavor.

    When beans are roasted at a high temperature till they begin to smoke, it produces a Dark roast.

    Due to the heavy roasting, most of the original taste within the beans is lost and they now have a smoky taste.

    Coffee made from dark roasts will have the roasting itself as its dominant flavor.

    Gift Kona Coffee To Delight Your Loved Ones

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    Gift kona beans and grounds and spread the joy to your loved ones.

    Presenting your dear ones with Kona coffee gift baskets can be an amazing experience for them, especially if they love coffee.

    You can add a more personal touch to your gift by selecting different Kona estate coffee varieties and putting together a unique combination of them into your gift bag.

    If you are gifting Kona for the first time, then simply put together a bag of medium-roast, Kona grounds, a bag of light roast peaberry, and a bag of dark-roast, chocolate covered Kona beans.

    You can be pretty sure they will love you for this amazing present!

    Decaffeinated Kona for Health Conscious People

    Purchase Decaf Kona Online
    Enjoy the luxurious taste of Hawaiian coffee without any caffeine by getting a cup of decaf.

    You can enjoy the prime taste of 100% Kona while still cutting back on caffeine by opting for decaffeinated Kona coffee.

    Swiss water method is the highest quality method used to extract caffeine from the beans while retaining the original flavor profile of Hawaiian Kona.

    This lets you have the best of health and taste at the same time.

    Reducing your caffeine intake will help you lower your blood pressure, decrease anxiety, gets better sleep and get rid of jitters.

    Make sure to review the packaging to check that no other types of beans have been mixed with Kona because some vendors try to fool their customers by mixing non-Kona varieties in their decaf products.

    Visit our store, to get industry-certified, original 100% decaf Kona.

    Real Coffee Lovers Order Kona in Bulk and Save Big

    Big Bulk Kona Supply
    Stock up on your favorite kona and save money too!

    For the true coffee lover, Kona is bound to become an all-time favorite.

    Let’s face it. The only thing which may cause you to think twice before ordering Kona regularly is its high price.

    And the easiest way to order Kona coffee for cheap discounted prices is by ordering in bulk.

    By ordering your Kona wholesale, you not only save on the shipping costs but also enjoy special bulk discounts.

    Most stores who sell Kona also have clubs or subscription plans which allow you to get your favorite Hawaiian java delivered to your doorstep every 2, 4 or 6 weeks.

    By opting to buy your Kona in bulk or through subscription plans you can save quite a handful of money in the long run.

    How To Brew a Cup of Kona To Perfection

    Expensive Coffee Brew
    Brewing an amazing cup of wonderful Kona is surprisingly easy.

    When it comes to brewing you cup of Kona, here are a few pointers that will help you get the best flavor from your drink.

    • Use only coffee from packages labeled “100% Kona”. Using a blend will result in a disappointing taste.
    • Use bottled water instead of tap water because the chlorine in tap water can ruin the taste of your Kona.
    • Use a French press to brew your coffee in boiling water above 200 degree Fahrenheit.
    • This will bring out the complete flavor profile in the coffee beans into the water.
    • Use a high quality coffee maker like a keurig. Make sure to regularly clean the filter because coffee left exposed to air eventually leads to a sour taste.