100% Kona Coffee Beans Roasted : Enjoy Delicious Hawaiian Delight

100% Kona Coffee Beans Roasted To Perfection

A Silky Gourmet Delicacy

Every true coffee fan knows that 100% Kona coffee beans produce the best brew in terms of flavor, aroma, body and smoothness.

It also has the least amount of acidity and so it doesn’t have the usual bitterness of coffee.

Kona also has much lesser caffeine content compared to regular java and its caffeine decreases even more based on how the beans are roasted.

In short, Kona is the finest and most luscious gourmet coffee sold.

Characteristics of the World’s Top Coffee

Kona Coffee Flavor Profile
The low caffeine, sweet aroma and smooth aftertaste of Kona makes it a favorite gourmet drink.

Kona possesses a special flavor profile which is a blend of six features- acidity, aroma, sweetness, body, aftertaste and flavor.

Kona has

  • Sweet aroma
  • Mild acidity
  • Rich and mellow sweetness
  • Smooth body
  • Citrus, bittersweet or nutty aftertaste
  • Flavor that has hints of chocolate, butter, caramel or honey

As it has low caffeine content, drinking a cup of Kona will make you feel serene and revitalized.

The flavor profile of Kona can also vary from one plantation to other.

Some beans may have a vanilla aroma while others may have scent of berries.

Each farm’s soil gives its own unique twist to the extraordinary taste and aroma of Kona.

    A Roast For Every Palate

    Kona Roasts
    From light to dark and everything in between, roasting kona is a science in itself.

    Kona roasts are usually available as light, medium, full, dark and espresso roasts.

    The light and medium roasts retain much of the original sweetness and fruitiness of the Kona cherries.

    As the beans are roasted longer, they become darker, and oils with the beans rise up to surface and undergo chemical changes which makes their flavor much stronger.

    Some of the pure kona roasts for sale online are given below.

    American Roast

    Light American Kona Roast
    Light roasting brings out the buttery flavor of Kona beans.

    Heating Kona beans to around 425F results in a very light roast known as American roast.

    The beans get a cinnamon color, fruity flavor, buttery texture and are slightly acidic.

    Most of the original flavor in the bean remains, and so does the caffeine, which produces a very strong cup of coffee.

    Vienna Roast

    Medium Vienna Kona Roast
    Heating to a medium roast brings out the flavors hidden deep inside the bean.

    When beans are roasted to around 440F, it results in a medium roast with a bold aroma, light chocolate color and nutty taste.

    Lot of the bean’s original taste is retained and much of the caffeine in the bean remains unaltered.

    This results in a strong, energy-boosting cup of coffee that has the original taste of Kona beans.

    French Roast

    Dark French Kona Roast
    Dark roasts are suitable for black coffee lovers.

    When beans are heated to around 455F, it results in a slightly darker roast that has the color of dark-chocolate and a mildly bittersweet taste.

    The smooth tasting French roast has lesser caffeine content compared to Vienna and so it is more suitable as an afternoon drink.

    Light, Medium and Dark Roast Blends

    To get the best of both worlds, you can also enjoy different blends of Dark, Medium and Light roasts.

    A blend of the darker French and lighter American roast produces a smooth flavor profile which contains both the bold flavor of the roast as well as the mild flavor of the bean.

    A blend of French and Vienna roasts produces brew with a strong bouquet, robust flavor and memorable aftertaste, which can be enjoyed without sugar or milk.

    Extra Dark Espresso Roast

    Extra Dark Espresso Roast Kona
    Extra dark roasting creates a robust flavor that makes a great cup of latte.

    When Kona coffee beans are roasted for a longer duration at around 465F, even after they have cracked for a second time, a deep dark espresso roast is produced.

    This roast has a very robust body and a more carbon-like flavor.

    It contains much less caffeine and hence can be enjoyed on its own or as a cappuccino or latte.

    Special Peaberry Roast

    Peaberry Kona Special Roast
    Roasted peaberry kona is a wonderful delight for every coffee lover.

    Kona coffee trees yield fruits known as cherries. Each cherry usually contains two beans.

    About 5% of the cherries contain one large round bean instead of the usually two.

    This round, whole bean is known as a Peaberry.

    Peaberry has a unique taste which is low in acidity and has a fruity flavor.

    Because of its extreme rare nature it is the most expensive kind of Kona.

    Roasted peaberry Kona is a special gourmet delight which produces an unforgettable cup of coffee.

    Decaffeinated Kona Beans Give You Both Taste and Health

    Decaffeinated Kona Beans
    All the taste of kona and none of the caffeine.

    There are many methods for extracting caffeine from coffee to make it less bitter and healthier.

    We use the best and safest method called Swiss Water Decaf Method to remove caffeine from our Kona.

    Since this method doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, it preserves the original flavor of Kona while eliminating caffeine.

    Swiss water method uses just distilled water and Green Coffee Extract for extracting caffeine from the beans by using osmosis.

    This advanced process removes 99.9% of caffeine from the beans.

    So if you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of Kona without experiencing coffee jitters, then make sure to buy decaf Kona beans or grounds.

    World’s Finest Coffee Grows In Hawaii

    Kona Hawaiian Coffee
    Hawaii’s unique climate and soil helps grow the top selling coffee in the world.

    Original 100% pure Kona only grows on the largest island in Hawaii on volcanic mountain slopes.

    The unique weather in this region gives Kona its characteristic sweet flavor profile which has hints of chocolate and cranberries.

    Kona gets its special mellow taste and silky body from the volcanic soil in which the coffee trees grow.

    Because of its limited supply and huge international demand, pure Hawaiian coffee beans are very costly compared to regular coffee.

    Kona is the only coffee cultivated commercially and shipped globally from the United States.

    Only Top Quality Processing Brings Out The Mouth-Watering Taste of Kona

    Processing Kona Pulp Hull Mill
    Hawaiian joe needs to pulped, milled and dried under perfect conditions to ensure all the flavor remains within the beans.

    Just as all wines from France are not same, similarly not all Kona coffees from Hawaii are the same.

    Similar to grapes, coffee beans also take up the flavor of the land on which it grows.

    The beans are affected by the fertilizers, water, sunlight, elevation and acidity of the soil.

    Flavor of Kona can vary widely depending on the conditions in which coffee trees grow and the manner in which their berries are harvested.

    Dedicated Kona farmers, like us make sure that only red ripe bean cherries are harvested.

    We sort the cherries to ensure that any damaged cherries are removed and only perfect beans are selected for roasting.

    To make sure that only premium coffee beans are extracted, we wash, pulp, hull and grade all beans.

    This process filters out the best quality beans.

    They are then dried and fermented directly as whole Kona beans or they are ground and packaged before shipping them to different parts of the world.

    Our Private-Reserve Estate Kona Coffee Reviewed

    Private Reserve Estate Kona
    Taste the highest grade kona harvested from the oldest coffee trees in Hawaii.

    Our best grade Kona beans are produced by cherries picked from trees planted decades ago.

    This makes each cup of coffee especially smooth and rich in flavor and doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste.

    Our beans are freshly roasted and ground each day before shipping to guarantee a magnificent aroma and maximum flavor.

    The unique fragrance and full body of our premium private reserve Kona gently caresses your senses as you drink each cup.

    Our pack is filled with only highest grade beans and produces a rich, silky smooth brew that will tickle your palate and leave a sweet aftertaste.

    Each bag of Kona coffee is packaged only after your order is placed, by using freshly roasted beans.

    Five Main Grades of Coffee Beans

    Five Kona Grades
    Extra Fancy Kona will brew the silkiest and smoothest cup of joe.

    Kona coffee beans are graded by their shape, size, defects and moisture content.

    Big beans with minimal defects roast evenly on all sides and produce the best flavor.

    Smaller beans which are deformed or chipped don’t get roasted equally and produce lesser taste.

    Coffee grown in the Kona district is graded into five categories based on guidelines from the Hawaiian Agricultural Society.

    #5 Kona Prime: consists of the smallest beans, containing up to 20% imperfect ones

    #4 Kona Select: made up of small beans, containing up to 5% imperfect ones

    #3 Kona Number 1: contains medium sized beans, with a mildly nutty taste

    #2 Kona Fancy: great quality beans which are of tiny size

    #1 Kona Extra Fancy: contains largest beans, with superior flavor and highest grade