A singer/songwriter and talented musician, Dave Rudolf also has a keen sense of humor, and an affinity for kids. Consequently his audiences span those in preschool to those who have retired. As proof, Dave has produced over 8 CDs for those under 10, and delights older audiences with his songs such as the brutal "Your Getting Old" and the sweet, "Sara."Dave has released over 30 CDs, at least three books for kids, and been nominated for both Parent's Choice Awards and NACA College Entertainer of the Year. In addition to his own shows, Dave has opened for the Beach Boys, Cheech and Chong, Leo Kottke, and Tim McGraw — to name just a few.Dave is a generous musician, sharing the stage and promoting other acts whenever he has the chance. He is a singer/songwriter for singer/songwriters and many musicians enjoy sharing the stage and studio with him.