Jimmi Soldo has been playing since he was given his first guitar for his birthday in 1982. From that birthday forward, Jimmi has been singing, playing, and composing his own songs. Originally a self-taught mechanic, he worked on a television show for some time until the show went down with the economy in 2008. He always played music on the side, but since 2008 he started pursuing music professionally. 

In 2010, Jimmi started his show Total Acoustic and his band Blue Dynamite, two very different kinds of gigs. Jimi Hendrix was a huge influence in Jimmi's musical journey by reminding him to be open to new paths and to never get stuck playing the same scales over and over again, reminding him what true musical expression is. Today, Jimmi Soldo plays covers of his favorite songs as well as his original music around St. Augustine and neighboring cities.